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Thread: Mazda 6 MPS - Talk to Me!

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    Mazda 6 MPS - Talk to Me!

    What are peoples thoughts on these? I'd love to hear from anyone who has driven or owned one (yea I know this is an s-body forum but... I like it here).

    They seem to tick a lot of boxes:
    1. relatively cheap to purchase < 4k
    2. All wheel drive (but I also like rwd)
    3. Understated/sleeper
    4. Seemingly reliable, if left unmodified and well maintained
    5. Reasonably nice place to be and reasonably well equiped
    6. Turbo'd!

    The only downside is fuel consumption but that is to be expected.

    Good review here:
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    my son looked into getting one,and it didn't seem bad a bad idea just mpg's were bit low but price to pay for 4wd/extra weight
    ,they are rare so I have no info to offer other than not heard in trade anything really bad, maybe avoid badly/cheaply modified ones (I agree with No4),
    like diy power mods, a properly done remap by a reputable firm is ok imo,but an ebay bleed valve on a stock ecu can spell trouble
    try find more info on any reliability issues before you buy one, must be a forum owners club for them

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    A few people on here have had them over the years, AB being one, and have really liked and rated them.

    Will be getting older now but you seem to have summarised the main points well, mpg is bad though.
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